How am I Doing on My Refresher Course? Really Have No Clue :)

Its Sunday!! And I just thought since I really am doing nothing, I have all the time of day, so why not just start the refresher of the Talk To Me In Korean lessons now? Well I have been doing that for about 4 hours and well I have just a few words to say how it went and here they are:

” OMG!! I knew it all so I was just so flippin bored by the content but the jokes between Hyunwoo and Kyeong-eun were as always so funny that after a while I just forgot to be BORED and just laughed along with it all :) …ahh that’s what a good pair of hosts can do distract you from utter boredom :) and that’s ***** stars for them both AWESOME considering how I was feeling and now I have almost halfway completed by refresher course and am now ready to catch up on the lessons that are available …ummh…so whats that…8 levels and I’m on 4 ….OH!! that’s half isn’t it HAHA…YAY!! so almost there :) “

So ya I have just 4 Levels …but ya remember one thing little lady…they moving too so I have to study double faster to catch up on the lessons, I find it a heck of a lot easier to think of it as 4 Levels as opposed to the 4×30= 120 lessons :) that number is just too BIG for me :)



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