How Much Korean Do I Really Know?

Okay!! So I’ve been learning Korean for about a year but I really have no idea what I really know of Korean. Yeah I have been using the Talk To Me In Korean podcast’s for that entire year of Korean learning but, I can not lie I didn’t exactly practice or make any effort to remember anything because I really did not have a lot of time so besides the basics of a simple conversation and greetings I don’t really believe I made an effort so that’s what I want to do and I want to do it right, that means starting from Level 1 of Talk To Me In Koreans lessons (I am currently at level 4) because In my opinion I know all of Level 1 – 3 but I do want to just refresh it all and be dedicated and also another thing I want to try is KoreanClass101 as an extra bit of information because honest is honest and …too much information is never a bad thing :)

My lesson planning is something I want to work on and I think that I should rather start a study plan for myself now rather than drag it out for a month then remember that I have to do and there BAMM!! a whole month is wasted just by pure procrastination :) I’m pretty good at that little thing called “Procrastination”

So I think I will now get to my refresher learning of Korean on TTMIK and also get back to KoreanClass101 (I have not tried it yet so not so sure what to expect)

Anyone know anything about other Korean learning sites or other useful resources because despite the fact that I have been learning for a year I really know squat about other sites be it a dictionary online version or whatever I have no clue so help would be nice from people who know the ropes on learning Korean :)


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