Another Talk To Me In Korean Review (:

Ok!! A Talk To Me In Korean Review that’s as common as candy in a candy store everyone does one but I wanna do my own with my own flavour of what I L.O.V.E and HATE of Talk To Me In Korean….but in the HATE column there really is not much :)

So what is Talk To Me In Korean? Chances are that   question really needs no answer but just in case here’s my answer. Talk To Me In Korean is a learning site for the Korean language and all lessons are 100% FREE ….yeah you read the word right its FREE every last lesson on their site is all FREE for you to learn and grow from and I LOVE that about it …not that I don’t like to pay for anything, but sometimes it’s just nice to have something that isn’t about a profit and that’s what Talk To Me In Korean is about …accessibility and affordability for everyone and whats more affordable than FREE…hmmm…everyone can afford FREE.

But apart from the main sell that is FREE Talk To Me In Korean lessons are amazing in quality they always manage to teach you just what you need in a short and understandable MP3 lesson and with the DOUBLE awesome FREE PDF lesson notes you always manage to understand even the pesky little detail you might have missed!!

And I love the hosts they make even a boring lesson lovely and enjoyable I can’t really choose my favourite host, but I know that I really enjoy the way they present the lessons always laughing and for some reason you laugh too “really dunno why though !!!”

In terms of contacting Talk To Me In Korean by way of email I personally have had no luck in that department but for a few weeks I try to stay calm and not go crazy since I am not a very patient person hate to be kept waiting and not knowing what I want to know!! So contacting Talk To Me In Korean, from me I say be patient and try not to swear them (I sent a long email to all the addresses I could find with a whole load of ***** in it ….a bleep was needed for that email) and although I did feel somewhat bad for the email I sent, it got me an answer and that’s the only thing I wanted so I would recommend that you be patient and keep in mind they are busy and I’m sure they try but it’s not easy (right there I used the exact words I was told)

Updates…well you can get updates for Talk To Me In Korean on Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed and via Email and I think that should suit everyone’s needs so you can always get an Update that involves TTMIK :)

Social Media…well all the teachers have a Twitter and Facebook account….and a You Tube I think :) so you always can ask questions and what-not …although I think they would get sick of that so I wouldn’t do it :)

But in terms of everything else Talk To Me In Korean is the super awesomest site in the world for Korean and I really don’t think anything can beat it EVER ….and I give it a 9/10 stars and I would give it 10/10 stars if they had another Payment Option but I know they are trying on that so final stars is 10/10 (even with the Pay Pal crap :) )


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