I Love 뽀로로 at 17 :) !! Weird

Who’s 뽀로로?

Aww, why he is that cute little penguin with the airplane goggles and all his friends in a village !!

And I now have a sad little love for my little friend 뽀로로!

Why? I think I have a rough idea on how my little 뽀로로 came into my life :) A Drama obviously!!

Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop (꽃미남 람면 가게) there were a couple of scenes in Episode 6 where he had a little 뽀로로 blankey that an OH!! so sweet little darling was kind enough to share and from there I loved little 뽀로로!!

You can watch it on YouTube @ PororoTV

I have succesfully watched Season 1 and Season 2 ….tryna hold up on Season 3 :)

And please if you know any Pororo like cartoon characters tell me :) I want to watch more friends like Pororo :)


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