Japanese! Self-study How To!

Since a few weeks ago when I decided I wanted to self-study Japanese alongside Korean I have had to look for some websites for resources online ^^

I was not that successful in  my search all I got was a flashcards site here and I got a recommendation for another two sites that are now almost like my new home ^^

Erin’s Challenge and

NHK Japanese Lessons ^^

Both of those sites I know I would not have found them if I had not been directed to them ^^ I looked through Google search and came up with JapanesePod101 and Flashcards




4 thoughts on “Japanese! Self-study How To!

  1. Wow! you have to juggle between Japanese and Korean? I learned Japanese for a year (now stopped) as I go to university. =] Learned it when I on few months holidays and went for classes to learn it. Keep it up!!! ^^ Y

  2. I think it’s a lot easier to learn Korean through Japanese, and learn Japanese through Korean because of the similarity of both languages. Just skip English if you can. I only translate Korean to English on my blog because I’m learning English. But honestly, I think English is distracting in learning Korean because the structure is very different. I’m an Indonesian, by the way.

    1. That’s a great idea! Many times I do get frustrated when I use English to remember Korean because honestly most times I just forget the whole thing because they are so different :)

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