Hello everyone :-) I think it has been over a week since my last post, I am now a very sadly obsessed BIG BANG fan so I just listen to their music a lot and never have time but now I think I have a handle on that little obsession of mine :-)

So today I tried to listen to Talk To Me In Korean’s IYAGI intermediate lessons :-) OhMyGoodness it was a total fail I mean  I listened to the whole lesson while I had the PDF file open and I totally did not get much maybe 20-30 % of the dialouge…I know that’s not much LOL!! But I gave it a shot atleast :-)

So while I was listening to the lesson I was like a total ZOMBIE!! just listening I never really heard much just a bunch of well…to be honest…GIBERRISH…kinda like Chinese or something like that!! :-)

So I cam up with this little idea of HIGHLIGHTING  all the words that I know so I can actually keep a score of all I know and also just keep track of how slow  I am learning :-)

And another thing I would like to start doing as of tomorrow :-) is everyday learn 10 words I think 10 words is enough to handle :-)

Oh~~ here is the link to the IYAGI I listened to ~~ here


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