DRAMA!! How I Need One

I have a two week holiday :-) Yay!! CeLeBrAtIoN :-)

But I need a new drama to watch for the last few months …more like since January of this year I have not had much time to have some Drama time the last Drama I watched was Tree With Deep Roots and I ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ that show so Korean Drama lovely :-) = P>E>R>F>E>C>T

And after that I have only watched one other Drama …The King2Hearts and I have not even finished it yet I still need to watch the last three episodes of the drama and I think now would be the perfect time to complete it, at the time I was watching it (when it was playing I forgotten now) I was really enjoying the drama and getting into the story line then …life happened :-) I got really busy and had no more time for anything but my school work :-)


좋은 하루 되세요 ♥




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