Totally Random – Afrikaans Kurt Darren Kaptein ( Span De Seile)

Hello all :-) Felt like posting a little something close to home …not home :-) but real close like a 10 hour drive :-) LOL!! A Kurt Darren song (only one I like and I think it grew on me since it always advertising these days on SABC 3 , or MNET or something like that it never stops) But I won’t lie it is a really really popular song in S.A and Kurt Darren is also really really popular in S.A but I’m not a fan of his music it bores me !! Except for Kaptein that’s a good song and I don’t deny when something’s good :-)

Kurt Darren song called “Kaptein (Span De Seile)” ? Well if you have heard of it then good for you its a great song isn’t it ?

And if you haven’t heard of it then listen to it its a song sung in Afrikaans and although my Afrikaans is not exactly fluent despite the fact that I hear it every single day watch Afrikaans TV shows like 7 deLaan (actually 7delaan is one of my favourite even though to be honest nothing ever happens in that show I swear its always the same story) and Erfsondes (boring in a pot …but I  like the actress she is an on and off again cast member of 7delaan)  but I’m not even good at speaking but I do understand and I love this song :-) And if anyone needs a translation for the song just tell me that’s about real simple could translate if I was dead LOL!! Really a sweet song ….honest give it a try

Oh and I don’t live in S.A I just live real close to South Africa a border country :-) nor am I even South African at all :-) I don’t like South Africans LOL!! They are selfish and horrible ….oh here I am rambling well I am a child (17 …sorta a kid)  LOL!! I have a big mouth!!

Enjoy the song :-)


2 thoughts on “Totally Random – Afrikaans Kurt Darren Kaptein ( Span De Seile)

    1. Wow!! Really first sorry I took long to reply been so busy and I live in Harare ^^ but so cool that you learning Korean ;) maybe we can practice together!! if you have Kakao Talk or WhatsApp ;) even email ^^ Nice hearing from you hope you visit again :)

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