Today’s To-Do List

Today I have a day of total free time and I want to put it to good use :-) meaning I just want to use all of my attention and out it into Korean and Japanese (if I can manage) study.

So my to-do list is as follows :-

1. Korean study with TTMIK podcast.

2. Korean study with KClass101 podcast.

3. Read a Korean article for practice.

4. Listen to K-Pop for practice.

5. Watch some Variety Show (both study and entertainment).

6. Spend some time on Korean Vitamin (I love that site :))

And less important things to do and not so relevant to Korean or Japanese study is learn the National Anthem in both languages. here the lyrics to National Anthem I’m upset that I just forgot both the languages :( I want to remember them both again. But I have one problem with the Wikipedia page it say’s that a song called “Ishe Komborera Africa” is popular in the country, well I don’t think so because I have never even heard of it never knew of its existence but maybe it meant in like Black people its popular I don’t know all I know is that I never heard of it in my life :)

And I think that I need to try to work out how I can get HaruKorean I’m really getting impatient now waiting so I need to find a solution to this problem I wish someone could do an exchange with me a  one month for a Korean Flash card one month Premium!! or anything of the same value that would be nice :) …and the reason I would do that is because I can’t use PayPal, my country is not allowed but I can still use just my credit card so I would love it if someone could do an exchange like that with me :)

Anyway getting on with my day I need to be productive :)


2 thoughts on “Today’s To-Do List

    1. No problem I just love your site :-) And yeah I’m from Zimbabwe :-) but yikes they (black people I’m not a rascist but they are bad) they don’t believe I am a Zimbo LOL!! I’m just some foreigner LOL!! Yeah long list Haha :-)

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