Confused!! I don’t know :-) Bored!! Hell yeah :-)

안녕하세요 친구들

Hey everyone :-) I have a problem!! I was just sitting and watching some TV and my mind was ticking away and I thought to myself while I was watching a Movie…how the hell do you “I’m bored” in Korean? I have no clue 흐흐흐 really I actually thought to myself how do you say that in Korean so I went to my best friend and asked “Bored” …oh my the way my best friend is actually not a PERSON its just the ‘ole Dictionary either Naver or zKorean :-) just in case you think it’s a real person LOL!

But no its not a real person :-) but back to my point of the question how to say your bored out of my mind your mind after the whole Dictionary look-up I still don’t really know what to say!! :-( the dictionary gave these words but it’s so many words I’m not entirely sure which one is more natural to use!

bored :-




to be bored :-





to be bored to death :-

지루해 죽을 지경이다

심심하여 죽을 지경이다

bored :-


But then after I just decided to go around in my Video Library I found that the most used expression for I’m bored is “심심해요” or “심심해” so I’m just guessing that its more colloquial to say “심심해요” or “심심해” so my sentence is :- 너무 너무 심심해



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