Integrated Korean Korean Textbook Update …

Okay so I ordered my Integrated Korean Textbook on the 21 of August and It was delivered to my UK box safely on the 23 of August and dispatched on the 27 of August (delayed because my Mum wanted some other online shopping delivered to us at the same time ….so she waited 4 days before she had the company dispatch the things) I was cool with that no problems ….but my problem comes now when its the 5th of September (B1A4 Baro’s B Day) and I am told that Customs has a back-up problem it can now take up-to a week to have it released and the fact that it was a company importing it means that other papers are needed ….I’m now like wtf I mean really its a Korean study book not fricking drugs!!! I’m sooo pissed I’m just going to bed!!

Well I hope it gets released quick ….


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