[TV-CF] Vision–Kim Su-Hyun TV Commercial


Okay!! So I finally found out where to get the script for CF’s thanks to Korean Vitamins comment ^^ boy am I happy I know that now …watching CF’s is now like my hobby…but its getting a bit obsessive compulsive now!! Today in Algebra class I don’t remember what was said!! I was busy watching CF’s in silent mode tryna lip read with the script lol!! It didn’t work so well …but it was helpful!! Korean lip reading skills improved though!! ^_^


여 : 어? 갈께 ~ Oh! I’m going
김수현 : 그래 ~ Really
여 : 오빠는 아직도 상쾌하네 ~ Oppa is still fresh
김수현 : 네 곁에 더 오래 있고 싶어서 ~ I want to be by your side longer
남Na : 상쾌함이 하루종일 오래오래 ~  Freshness all day…for longer
뉴 울트라 피죤 ~ New Ultra Pigeon
징글 : 빨래에는 피죤 ~ Laundry Pigeon

** I translated this with my own knowledge and with Naver!! So chances of accuracy are …not very much!! But hey it might be right ^^


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