Faith 2012 Drama Transcripts [1-7]

Korean subtitles for Korean drama’s …well that’s just about my dream come true isn’t it :) but sadly I couldn’t actually find any .srt in Korean for Korean drama’s but hey I found the next best thing!! transcripts yay!!…I was seriously going ballistic looking for transcripts (when I figured out they existed) and I found them …after 5 hours of hunting (I know its a long time but I’m not a good googler ^^) so i found the Korean transcript for the drama Faith episodes 1-7 and I thought let me share them with some of you all who might me like me (crazy Lee Min Ho fans….or other!)

So here they are the transcripts for Faith episodes 1-7 on 4Shared [click here] …I created a page just for drama transcripts ^^ I think I have fallen in love with transcripts now….they are by far the perfect study tool!! Just print ‘em and watch the drama ^^

4Shared Link 1-7 [CLICK HERE] I’ll keep updating the folder with new episodes just check this page [click here] for more drama transcripts!!

12 thoughts on “Faith 2012 Drama Transcripts [1-7]

  1. Woah! Finally! Someone who adores Korean drama transcripts as much as I do!!! <3
    Too bad it took you 5 hrs to look for them. Well, it took me ages to find out where to get them myself. I only know scripts existed. And some Korean blogs post transcripts of famous/favorite scenes. I didn't know that full transcripts exist. Where did you get yours? I only found for SBS dramas only.

      1. Ah, I also know that naver cafe. Do they also have transcripts there? I prefer transcripts over scripts. I don’t download scripts of every drama I watch but I am still looking for a couple of scripts/transcripts for 2 dramas (City Hall and I Do I Do). If you happen to find them, let me know. :)

      2. Are you a Kim Sun Ah fan? Just asking from the two drama’s (City Hall and I Do I Do) I’ve never watched City Hall but have watched all other Kim Sun Ah drama’s (Sam Soon was my second hehe) but yeah if I find them I will tell you

      3. Yes it is! Not just because I’m a Kim Sun Ah fan. But it’s really good. The writer who wrote it is the same one who wrote Secret Garden, Gentleman’s Dignity, On Air and the Lovers series (Lovers in Paris, Lovers in Prague, Lovers). I’m not sure though if we have the same taste in dramas though. :D

  2. I used to get all my korean subtitles from
    The subtitles are made by users and are suppose to be for those who are deaf. There are people who get subtitles from the site to help their foreign boyfriend/girlfriend in learning korean ^^. Unfortunately you need a korean id to register (I got my friend to register for me) but the site has gone through some changes and I can no longer download as I used to. I have not gone through the new site to see what has changed but it seems it’s now a pay site :( I need to investigate further. Still, if you can get a friend to register an account for you, this site has all the scripts you could want (dramas – korean and foreign, movies – korean and foreign and even korean subs for documentaries and variety shows. it may help to search for korean subs on google by looking for the .smi format as that is the most common format i see on the site. they don’t seem to use .srt much if at all.

    1. Alright! Thanks I guess I will start looking and I might ask my friend to register for me if she can :) and I tried to Google but sadly I suck at looking things up in Google haha~

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