Drama Series of Study!!

I’ve now decided to have something called ‘Drama Study Series’ simple to help me understand my Drama’s better I will segment them and create monologue!! Oh!! That’s going to be really hard for me …but I’m using all my favourite drama’s (past and present) and I have been watching Drama’s for years (since 2005 started with ‘Sad Sonata’) so I will start with ‘Sad Sonata’ first because it is my ‘First’ …

I know that chances are that ‘Sad Sonata’ is not that popular now since its 7 years old but to me it still holds a special place in my heart!! So as it was my first watched it will be my to ‘analyse’ and learn from!! I am just going to choose 3-5 scenes that I really like from each episode (hopefully the scenes I choose will be about 2-5 minutes…) that would be better for me I think ;)

I will be using my lang-8 , just to check for any mistakes and then I will try my utmost if I can to read the ‘monologue’ and create an audio monologue to practice reading!! Honestly I am going to try and do one by tonight!! But in terms of time I don’t know if I will manage it so well!! I will try though :)

읽기 주셔서 감사합니다!! 

다음에 봐요 :)


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