Learning Korean Links {Beginner Collection} with added Intermediate/Advanced [Part 1]

[I found this draft!! From back when I opened the account and kept it a protected blog! So I thought just post it still have loads of useful links in it :)]

I am a Korean beginner learner in 2011 and because of that it’s hard to find some beginner Korean stuff out there unless you look like crazy through Google search results or they are already well known sites like and for me even ttmik took me 2 years after I started learning Korean and in those 2 years I wasted 100$’s on Korean Class 101 lessons every month because to me I thought it was the only option to self study Korean then I clicked on Sun Hyun Woo’s website link and I saw a site called Talk To Me In Korean for FREE Korean lessons I was beyond shocked ….and now I am still using Korean Class 101 I have somehow developed an odd loyalty since I learned most of my beginner Korean from their lesson I now just can’t stop paying the membership fee’s and actually on the 6 month of my Korean learning studies I did try and cancel the membership to be honest but I didn’t know how to I just left it alone!! If someone told me how to cancel it I might actually just cancel it once and for all….so back to the point of my links on some Korean learning sites Smile

And here is the list I will as a beginner give a little detail on what the website is but honestly I barely know some of them just have glanced at them!!

So apart from the two sites I’m sure everyone knows about Korean Class 101 and Talk To Me In Korean!! There is the Sogang Korean site and I personally like it because I am a History buff I mean I really like all History but I don’t know much on Korean history but in terms of World War II I could be considered an expert lol!! And the Sogang site actually has a little write up on the Pre Choson Period and all the other dynasties and I like that so I would really look at that one not just for the history but it really starts you off with the general history of Korean and the culture of the Korean’s and all that stuff Smile

Click Korean is one I think I have been playing around on for the past 4 hours just sitting there reading!! Click Korean has the lesson and with the lesson the vocabulary spoken in the lesson as well as expressions and reading practice, culture and all sorts!! And another think I love about both the sites above is that I love learning about new culture it interests me a lot so I love that all these Korean learning sites offer this little part about Korean culture it just makes me so happy!!

http://sukunc.blog.me/ this blog is a Naver blog and I would not call it beginner but I came across it on Twitter @studyingkorean and I can easily read most of the posts even though they are in Korean {really to me it seems like a sign I’m getting better at my Korean and that makes me sooo happy but I know I have years to go before I can say I know Korean} and the posts are really informative like conjugation rules and the irregularities that some verb stems have and its really helpful, I would definitely check it out!!

Berkley Language Korean this site I used often in my first month of learning Korean because I didn’t know much else about Korean learning sites online and honestly I am not the most Internet savvy person in the world I actually suck big time in that department but after learning Hangul in a day I found this site and I used a dictionary to translate the words and set phrases {I never liked Google Translate even when I started last year it just seemed unreliable to me!} But honestly I think this site is a great starter site I owe a lot to this site in my month before going on to KClass101 Smile I got my knowledge of 안녕하세요 from this site Smile

KoreanChamp I actually found this site on Monday this week and and I like it it’s really cool I like the levels that they have and I personally loved one of their posts on Taeyang of Big Bangs song called “나만 바라봐 “ that to me sealed the deal of me liking that website it gave the English and Korean of the lyrics and I know you thinking “But all lyric sites do that…don’t they” they do but here it was like different I could understand it more than lyrics I’m serious!! Try the site out its really cool!!

And I have more but this is getting a bit long I think isn’t it Smile I think so, so I will put a part two of this post rather than fall asleep with it!! But before I put a full stop to this I have one more link that I think is really fun and it helps me a lot when I want to study Korean but its a Sunday and honestly I just want to veg out on the sofa and do …nothing!! And everyone has those days but then if you don’t do what you know you should have been doing you will feel guilty so that’s where reading this site comes in handy Smile

SBS’s Radio site {here} and although it is not beginner I still listen to the  Fun Fun show because even though in the entire radio show of 40 minutes I only understand 5 minutes it helps in listening to the accent  its better than listening to K-Pop because when people sing its not the same as speech so I find it a really useful link {here} and bonus the radio show is in Podcast form just click the link and there you can download all episodes of the Radio show and listen in your own time its cool isn’t it Smile

Full stop!! 끝!!


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