Kakao Talk Add Me :))

Hi everyone =) I have KakaoTalk now yay!! But I don’t have many people to talk to so if you want to chat then you can add me my ID is leesumin2394 ID is a combination of my Korean name and my birthday =)

That account got deleted by accident ㅠㅠ but my new ID is snow1994

I like snow (but never see it :D) and I’m born in 1994 so its a “fake wish” :D to see snow ^^

Add me we can chat and help each other out!! Even if you are just a K-popper so am I so we would be perfect ^^


60 thoughts on “Kakao Talk Add Me :))

  1. annyeonghaseo! I’m Stephen :)
    I’ll be in Seoul Next week Wednesday. Who wants to have a few drinks with me? ^^
    My Kakao ID: stephenhuang

  2. I am from Hong Kong and would like to chat with Korean people as I was studying Korean :D
    My Korean is just elementary level ><

    PLEASE PLEASE ADD ME ^^ ID: tiffanytwn

    thank you thank you! ^0^

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