To-Do List

좋은 아침 (if you just woke up like me!!) I have so many things to do this week its crazy! So a To-Do list is in order for me I think =)

So first of all I have a long week ahead of me with schoolwork its just a bit stressful at the moment =) but manageable like everything else in life!

1. I have to get my assignments in order for Tuesday (ummh…and I haven’t even started on them yet)

2. I need to work on my conjugations for Korean some of them are just starting to confuse me now!

3. I am going to start looking for a new cell phone..but I object to having an iPhone because I am not an Apple person I only do Samsung and other’s (I hate Nokia phones though)

4. I have not been to Korean Vitamins site in a long while because of lack of time =( so I am going to go there today and study a bit after school or otherwise I wont be able to pay attention to what I am doing in class!

5. Korean Class 101! Well my monthly subscription is really being wasted there I don’t even go to the site that often anymore so I am trying to figure out how to set up the Podcast download feature and iTunes does not seem to want to work for me neither did Juice to I’m just going to keep trying iTunes since it better!

6. I have Karate class so practicing for the class would be a good idea …but I’m not going to do that =) I’m just to exhausted to think about that!

7. Anki! Anki! Anki! Anki! I have almost completed my Anki deck with K-Pop songs and I am so excited to almost have it done =) so I want to finish that and start studying from it!

8 . Translate some K-pop idol tweets or just some tweets in Korean =) Me2Day as well =)


좋은 하루 보내세요


2 thoughts on “To-Do List

  1. 자주 제 블로그를 언급해주셔서 감사합니다. I hope you’ll get a perfect cellphone to help you learn Korean. Shopping for a new cellphone must be exciting. :) I have a Facebook page, and people there often complain that their made-in-China cellphones can’t read nor write hangul. Well, have fun!

    1. Your welcome ^^ Actually its difficult to find a new phone :) I saw three I want and lol I have a phone that right now can read hangul and not write it sucks ^^

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