Karate Terms in Korean

I just thought of something (actually no I read it now I’m doing it) I am going to use Korean terms to remember Japanese terms because for some unknown reason I can never remember anything Japanese! Its really hard for me but Korean, well, that I can always remember. So I put all the Japanese terms into Anki with the Korean variation and that’s how I am going to remember them and actually so far it works and I remember them better. Then I went and looked up ‘dojo’ because I don’t know what it is in Korean then when I did find a write-up on ‘dōjō’ it showed a picture of a ‘kendo dōjō’ and then sadly I instantly remembered Baekho’s Teaser for FACE then now I’m back to being a NU’EST fan girl! I have now watched that video teaser about 50 times its addictive …both the sword and Baekho ~~

Anki Example :

Romanji                 Hiragana       Kanji           Hangeul                English

Mawashi geri         まわしげり        回し蹴り        돌려 차기               spin kick

Like that then it makes more sense to me and also its more vocabulary for me too ^^ I should add pictures but I don’t have the energy at the moment I’m really tired!

And the teaser video again because I love it only why is he so young ㅜ^ㅜ I’m his 누나 *sobs* but even though I am older I still manage to stalk him on me2day!! If I didn’t stalk him would I really be able to call myself a ㄴㅇㅅㅌ? I don’t think so ^^  I just admitted to being a stalker HAHA…but its call a K-Pop fan is always dedicated ^^


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