Small Update :))

Wow having a study blog is a bad thing you easily get caught out and have evidence that you didn’t study a wink for me it’s actually been 9 days that there is no record of any study! Very very very bad…so starting today I think I am going to try to have a bit more stability with my study having a timetable and all sorts (I know might not follow but my workload is easing up so chances are high)

So in the last 6 days since I have not been posting every singe day like I promised I have :


1. Decided to learn 한자 and I have so far memorized about 36 radicals of the 2400 to memorize :) …ummh yeah a very long way to go I tell you that but I will succeed! Fighting!

2. I actually am now officially one of those people who strongly hate something then go out and are now USING what they hate <<>> for me its Apple products a few weeks ago I strongly said I would NEVER ever use anything Apple made well now I am VERY VERY obsessed with my new iPad and I feel terrible about saying that Apple was a shit company with even shittier products! Naughty naughty Kay takes it all back and now ♥LOVES♥ Apple and might even get an iPhone!

3. I want to learn how to do Asian smilies :) so I am working on knowing how to do that! And weird is that I think I scared two Korean people I saw at the shops LOL I shouted out really loud (they were speaking Korean….talking about prices to be honest I understood them that much) then I shouted out really loud ‘한국 사람 이에요’  and the guy I think was too shocked that he actually answered me back in Korean HAHA! He kinda looked like Hyun Bin though HAHA!

Actually that’s all that’s happened LOL very boring I know :)


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