Study Plans

Okay wow last night I was just looking up the right ways to study and it seem that I have been doing it all wrong!

I love learning Korean but I think if my self-study is going to be successful I need to start making better study decisions and being a bit more serious …that I think will make for better understanding as well as quicker understanding of concepts that I usually just say “ah I’ll try it again next week” then land up trying it again two months later and by then my brain has not had enough exposure to the problem (concept that I’m trying to learn) that it has totally forgotten it and everything else that I have been studying the past six months so today I am simply dividing a study plan that I will seriously follow on this study blog ^^

Proposed Study Plan :


Okay so right now I have a tonne of Anki flash card decks I have created over the last few months I have been using Anki but I honestly have only reviewed it in the 2 months maybe five times so judging on that my brain really can’t retain much of what I am studying supposedly! So I propose that I need to review my Anki everyday like a normal person who is seriously studying her work not like she is bored or something.

Podcast Lessons

Wow! How many different Podcast lessons do I listen to again? I havnt a clue I have lost track I remember the really easy ones like TTMIK and KC101 but the others I can almost forget them, but point is that with my Podcast lessons I last listened to a whole one 2 months ago when I listened to TTMIK Level 7 Lesson 26 and I have not listened to another one yet or even revised it so …like I read my brain would have lost the tide of learning and now i have to start all over again! And I am going to start all over again from Level 1 (Ummh NO I might skip Level 1 it would drive me nuts I know it all) but from Level 2 right up to Level 8 (current Level) I will do it all over again and based on the fact that I have a 2 week holiday coming up in 2 weeks I will have dedicated time for this and I will follow through for my Korean!


Drama? What time do I have to watch it haha! I last watched a whole episode (that means I watched the full 1hr 15min) about 1 month ago other wise lately what I have been doing is watching 15min pausing it till I get home from school then while i have my dinner watching another 20min; pausing till I finnish my home work after that watching another 30min till I fall asleep! So it can take me 2 days to watch a whole episode of a drama ): that’s really one thing I don’t like not having time! But time is created and I’m just gonna learn to create some for myself!


Well it was Music originally that led me to Korean but sadly lately I have had one song on repeat without even making an effort to play it and that song is 2NE1’s ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ its actually my ringtone so I hear it when my phone rings! But I still have it playing continuously because i don’t have the energy to turn it off (: ..but I want to start learning my K-Pop (not as a full source of learning but learning is learning)

What Korean Vitamins Do I Take

Haha! This is not actual vitamins but a metaphor! So what I will call my ‘Korean learning vitamins’ are my essential learning resources that will help me with what I need help with (mostly) and those are :

TTMIK : I really can’t live learning Korean without these podcast’s they are amazing and explanations are perfect never have a problem understanding them …always get it right so 100% I can’t live without TTMIK (: I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Ezcorean : Well this sites existence is new to me (about 12 hrs now) so in that short space of time I am so impressed with how much content it has and I know I need it now (: its number two in my list!

Korean Class 101 : Well! I won’t lie KC101 has some good material for listening practice I used it and it really helps me out so its a Korean vitamin I need (:

Anki : Anki my lovely ♥ I need her she is the key to getting my brain back on track she helps me with my other stuff but now I need her to help me with my Korean! Everyday!

Kakao Talk : Yes I need Kakao Talk because my Eonni is on it her name is Yumi and she is awesome! She helps me all the time (: so I need Yumi she is actually my NUMBER 1 Korean vitamin (:

Lang-8 : Well if I actually use my Lang-8 daily then its awesome but if I just leave it alone and hope that entries write themselves then NO its not going to work very well! So I need to remember that I have to write my entries and do my homework diary that Yumi gives me (:

Record My Korean : Whatever I write in the future will come with a recording of me reading it so my pronunciation is correct and I have practice reading what I am writing (:

Yeah I think that’s all I need to get me on a good tide it all starts tomorrow (: wish me luck!


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