[iPad Apps] Naver Webtoon

Well as I’m sure some of you know I am crazy about my new iPad seriously it never leaves my sight its always either in my bag or in my hands I’m like an iPad saseang fan (: but that being said I have been making use of it for Korean learning on the go (or under my desk in school whatever you prefer to use) and I am always looking for Apps that can help me or are just really really fun to have and play around with that’s how I found the Secret Garden comics that have now taken over my life and are AWESOME (: but today being a Saturday and me wanting to just catch up on my Naver comics I looked it up on the App Store and BAM! there it is there is an App for webtoon now I don’t even have to leave my bed to read webtoon during the weekend HAHA! How cool is that (: Its very very cool trust me (:

Later y’all I’m going to read my webtoon in bed now (like breakfast in bed HAHA!)


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