This is something for the BABY’s

Serious its not really important but this is just something for BABY’s! I am a proud BABY and my bias is Yong Guk and Zelo and Himchan and…okay I don’t have a bias at all haha! I LOVE all of them so much (: can’t seem to choose who to love but since the release of 하지마 (Stop It) I have been loving Yong Guk oppa more than Zelo oppa

Zelo once said that even his noona fans should call him oppa so …I am (:


So why am I writing a completely pointless blog post on B.A.P you ask?

Well apart from LOVING them like crazy (might even be more than BIG BANG and GD and TOP put together ….) is that its the MAMA voting at the moment and I really didn’t know who to vote for EXO or B.A.P ….couldn’t figure out if I was more an EXOtic or a BABY and this was 4 hours before I watched 하지마 (Stop It) so I was pretty split on who to side with then I started thinking really hard!

B.A.P has had more comebacks in the last year than EXO’s 1 comeback …so therefore to me they have worked the hardest!


And also I am not personally an SM Town stan as it is! actually EXO is the only SM Town group I have liked a song of (but I like SNSD …a few songs The Boys and Run Devil…and Gee is cute)

So that’s how I decided who I would be voting for the most and also I heard that the results are not just purely based on votes, it will also be based on Digital/Physical sales and the Judges/Expert decisions and I personally think that if that is the case then B.A.P will win because they are the best talent! They are one million + times better than EXO could ever be and if they don’t win then to me SM Entertainment bought it for them and they didn’t win it fair and square! <<>> sorry I tend to keep my opinions out of here! But I had to say that!

But to vote as many million times as you can manage you just click the link I’m sure all K-Poppers know (: but just in case here it is =>>

Just copy it into your browser sign-up for an MNET ID and vote for B.A.P …and also for anyone you feel like voting for (:


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