Korean Books

First post of November!

♥ Hip-hip hooray! ♥ [No one cares ok ha-ha I do]

Well anyway Korean books is the topic! I bought two [that i don’t know seem cursed since they are not getting here…] I bought a Korean study book and a Korean reading practice book, I got it after reading more than one post of how great the book is as a first Korean book….[drumroll please….] I bought 세상에 너를 소리쳐 and I think and I hope [yeah…crossing fingers like crazy] that it gets here in the next week or two [willing to be patient] so I can start looking at it [….ummh….I suck alright ….but a girls got to try and fly…so I’m jumping]and I love both reading and Big Bang and I want to practice looking at new Korean words […ones that my mind is forced to look at and understand] so I got it and I’m a fangirl ** so what ha-ha, I said it served a lot of purposes ^^

And the second book I bough is a book that when it gets here I might just write a whole post on how happy I am I finally got it because I ordered it in August …yes that’s right August! And I was stupid enough to get it sent with a shipping company, no clue why but I should have had it sent to me DIRECT! would have it by now I’m certain of that! But anyway the book is Integrated Korean Beginning 1 I ordered this thing way back when but I am still crossing fingers it comes in the next couple of days. But so far as I’ve been asking I should get it in a week or two :) and with the other book I bought that one from Hanbooks [click here] and it came with a tracking number so I’m actually stalking it often ha-ha! But I’m happy I am being ambitious and trying to broaden my Korean just not so sure if it will work out :D but I got to try and start somewhere to advance my Korean :)



2 thoughts on “Korean Books

  1. Hi Kay, awesome site! I saw your comment over on Anno’s blog about watching every episode of Pororo- would you minding telling me where you downloaded/watched them? Keep up the good work!

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