Is it really that bad to use Romanization?

No-one really likes Romanization do they?

No, right!

I agree with all the things most Korean learners have to say about romanization

it makes you too lazy to try to learn 한글 ; it never makes sense when its romanized ; how can I ever learn to write if I am using romanization?

Yeah that all makes sense but! If your just using Romanization as a guide to pronunciation ~ is it really that bad? I don’t think so I was just writing some paragraphs from a Naver news article when I thought to myself “Oh…that’s a hard word to pronounce…” and I broke it down phonetically below the word, so I could read it better, and know how to pronounce it. Used like that can romanization really be that bad? I really don’t think so.

Using it all the time in place of using 한글, yes that would not be such a great idea because it means that when you see 한글 you are not really going to know how to pronounce it at all! Why? Because you don’t know the sounds of each consonant or vowel!

Whereas learning 한글 and understanding her sounds will allow you to sometimes write the romanization of the word the way you would understand it so that you don’t get tongue tied when you review your notes :)

Plus we all love it when studying is a bot easier with shortcuts that are taken every now and then :D we just always got to remember that our shortcuts never become out habits for permanent study! This is only for lazy study ~ and handy memorization of words :D





2 thoughts on “Is it really that bad to use Romanization?

  1. Romanization is not bad. Who started all that nonsense? Romanization is for pronunciation guide. Romanization is really important for beginners. Beginners are not aware that there are many cases that we must change the way we read hangul. For example, the word for “toys”, 장난감 is actually pronounced jang-nan-kkam, not jang-nan-gam. The word “grammar” 문법, is actually pronounced mun-ppeob. How do you know this if you are a self learner, you have no one (no teacher) to tell you this? By looking at the romanization, of course. But you should never ever remember Korean words by their romanization because it’s bad for your listening skills.

    1. Same idea in my head ^^ its not all bad so I don’t know why everyone makes like romanization is the big bad “wolf” in the room when we are trying to learn Korean (as self learners) yeah I get we shouldn’t rely solely on romanization we need to know Hangeul but not so say we can’t use it as a pronunciation guide every now and then…I mean its our only way apart from online dictionaries to get it “right” like you said. And there are more words than the two you mentioned …so yeah…I agree with using it but only when its needed otherwise we would get a little lazy to think with Hangeul more :D

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