Korean Vocabulary ~ TOPIK and regular!

I really have no intention of taking the TOPIK right now [not because I don’t want…its not offered here :(] but I want to learn the grammar and vocabulary, for when I  do take it [2013…I hope]

So I have been searching around on the net and finding some seriously AWESOME! blogs and learning sites that have loads of vocabulary lists.

Main reason is I thought about it and when I looked at the beginner list of words that should be know to a Korean learner…ummh…I knew about 50 of them which is a huge indicator that my vocab is awful ㅠㅠ and I need to change that :)

So I have Anki-ed all of the words and hope to review them daily, and I also wrote every last word down in my notebook :D working on that notebook of mine I’m actually going to scrap my first notebook and call this one I have starting writing in my first!

My First Korean Notebook ~ I might even decorate it with all-sorts of things :D so excited to be starting a new one that will be my fake First one :D sorry ~~

Bye now ~ I feel sick my throat hurts think its a flu :(


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