[App] kakaoStory

kakaoStory that little menace that now has me posting every single picture I take ~ because its my story :) and I am enjoying using my kakaoStory more than when I speak to my best friend …that’s wrong isn’t it?

This is far from new news but still I’ll tell you about it ~ kakaoStory is connected to your KakaoTalk app it updates all your friends with your mini-profile when they click for a chat with you :) it pops up as a Mini kaStory profile.

kakaoStory ~

iPad 032

Then you have your kakaoStory feed with all the stories of your friends and your stories too which is pretty cool, kind of like Facebook but only cooler for everyone mostly Korean learners and me haha ~

iPad 031 003

So everyone’s story is in one feed for you to catch-up on awesome, right?

And then all the tab’s at the bottom for your ~ Friends, Settings, Feed, MyStory and so forth :) so much fun I love kakaoStory and KakaoTalk.


Made that in Naver LINE Card its adorable isn’t it?


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