English => 한국어 System change

I had no imagination for a title post haha ^^ but I think it serves its purpose!

So from English to 한국어 that’s what I did i changed my entire operating system into Korean ^^ and its so weird because now I’m forced to see words I would never have seen before :D I like it :)

All my programs now run in Korean too, which is cool I won’t lie but iTunes too working in Korean there is a bit of memorization that I have to keep up with to be able to navigate around it :D but its cool still I’m enjoying it very much :D

I think its helping me learn more words ^^ well I’m off now to watch Running Man this is going to be my second time watching Running Man, first was the Big Bang one :D


8 thoughts on “English => 한국어 System change

  1. Wow. Ambition 2.0! I would be afraid of deleting something by mistake. I’ve tried to find out how to get Korean as a typing language on my phone, though, but so far I haven’t managed…

      1. It’s great practice, I give you that! I have a blackberry (a couple of years old – if that has any influence). I think I need to download something since Korean is not part of the offered typing languages (I have found the other languages), but it’s not easy to find in “app world” and have to do it while connected to the pc because I don’t have internet access on the phone on this simcard because the phone was bought in another country. I don’t make it easy for myself ;-)

      2. Yeah it is :) and okay you lost me at blackberry (I’ve never even used a blackberry) so :( can’t help with that and yeah buying the simcard in a diffirent country is really making it much harder LOL!! Silly :D

    1. ㅋㅋㅋ 재미있어요 :D and I did that first then i though ‘change the whole thing’ so I did haha i think I’m too impulsive ㅋㅋㅋ but still I’m enjoying it so much its like a new laptop :D

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