This just got to me ha-ha!

Okay I’m not kidding right now this just got to me – Lee Hi (1,2,3,4)

I just heard this song less than 10 minutes ago and I have just a few things to say bout it ok ~ its totally random I know but when I pressed the play button I was checking around for like the first few seconds of the song thinking to myself now what is this where is that song coming from …that song is awesome where is it playing

Then it kinda of clicked oh damn that’s the song that your listening to and I was so shocked, I’m still a little shocked at how different this song is :) i didn’t even expect it I just decided to listen to it ; it was a random thing I wanted to listen to something and now I’m a Lee Hi fan what is a Lee Hi fan called anyway? Who knows?

But nonetheless I’m crazy about this girl now ^^ yeah I’m a girl haha and crazy for her and this song I think I’m going going crazy oooh! gosh! its stuck in my head like crazy …this is just 20 minutes after hearing it xD

Well anyway tell me what was your reaction to hearing Lee Hi (1,2,3,4) I can tell you I was shocked at it and how amazing it is maybe it will beat PSY’s Gangnam Style xD I wish :D

Ok ~ cool I got to go now its time for swimming :D

Tell me what was your reaction and thought on Lee Hi (1,2,3,4)?


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