[Korean Textbook] Integrated Korean Beginning 1

First of all :D this is my first Korean learning textbook so I’m really excited ^^

I can’t even express it all in words that’s how excited I am right now ^^

But anyway I ripped opened the package as soon as I saw it and there she was my Integrated Korean 1 ^^ first ever Korean book also :)


So I’ve been paging through the book for the past hour I fell asleep I think from the excitement :D

And first thing I love the fact the that the book has a super awesome looking Korean-English glossary its amazing I don’t know that many Korean words so i think this will definitely grow my Korean vocabulary and the more grammar I continue to learn plus all these words will really help to improve my Korean ^^


Then what I love about the introduction is how it practically explains alot about the Korean language and how it works cool ^^

It starts off with “What Kind of Language is Korean” and simply explains some basic facts about the Korean language who speaks it ; the different Korean dialects ; the differences between Korean and other languages ; honorifics ; vocabulary (and the borrowed words) and a whole lot more.


In each chapter of the book there are sections :

Conversation 1

Conversation 2


and ;

Korean culture

which is cool because I’m trying to learn more on Korean culture every time I can :) this will help me more ^^

Grammar Index

There is a grammar index which I think is cool just study it from there :D I have to write in a notebook though I cant bring myself to write in my Korean textbook ^^ its not right!


Other things I like :

There is a pronunciation guide which looks awesome and since I need to work on my pronunciation I will be using that section of the book first and slowly improve on my pronunciation ^^

~Oh I just went on about my book didn’t I? I’m just so happy its finally here and :D lucky its a Friday night I got so much to work on tonight, not sure if I will even sleep.

Just study Korean all night ^^


14 thoughts on “[Korean Textbook] Integrated Korean Beginning 1

    1. it is really good for beginners have even a chart for Hangul in the beginning! and a pronunciation guide to start with :) and I think you can get it on the publishers website (Hawaii Press) http://www.uhpress.hawaii.edu/p-6186-9780824834401.aspx :) for 28$ I’m not sure if its friendly for you but if you want it you can give it a shot :D

      ps : if you already have mastered TTMIK Level 1-3 don’t bother buying it lol it will be too simple for you :)

      1. Thanks for this helpful comment :) Does it do international shipping, too? I live in the Philippines and some merchants only send to continental US.

        I stopped studying in TTMIK due to the reasons I mentioned before, but I remember finishing level 2 only.

        1. Yes! they do ship to international addresses (using USPS) which is how I get my books sent to me via USPS (^_^) and they are pretty fast actually and your welcome :)

          Level 3 still had a lot to learn ~ I think though it took me ages to finish it lol /lazy/

          1. Oh. Where do you live again? Oh. Perhaps it will take me months to finish Level 3. I am busy reading books and writing reviews for them as well as maintaining my blog. Not to mention my K-friends who always want to go with me – as a company and tour guide LOL

            1. Zimbabwe :D so that’s why I’m saying that it would be really fast delivery date for you ^^ because I usually get my books in 2-3 weeks! And yeah you really are busy with your blog ….busy girl :D

              1. Oh dear. I guess I can call you lucky. I received three books today and when I looked at the date, they were sent last November 26 and December 2! Yeah, books arrive here a month or so after.

                I am sure you are also busy studying Korean :)

  1. @gongjumonica Yea. guess I you can but I still complain that it takes forever lol I can’t stand waiting for so long for my book want them in 3 days tops hehe! Yeah I am when I am not busy doing my schoolwork this year is a heavy load of subjects :(

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