You did what today? Nothing!

Okay ㅠㅠ I did absolutely no study that involved any new content being learned, sad? Sorta. But no I’m not since I’m having a lot of fun reading the ten pages of the book 세상에 너를 소리쳐 over and over again :D

Its really so much fun when you understand it all you keep going over it in your mind …thinking I understand this omg! omg! so happy!

And it really is the best feeling :) same feeling I had when I first listened to ’s first episode of their podcast and learned 안녕하세요 and felt like I had taken 10 steps forward in my learning journey ^^

I just feel so happy today its crazy ^^

Double up ~

New Twitter account thanks those that followed me :D

And a newbie a Tumblr page for me YAY ㅋㅋ-

And my Iyagi’s have not forgotten about those ^^ they are fun too I’m enjoying it loads I have just the last page to decipher study and understand :)

* Kyeong-eun’s voice is really sweet though :D makes it more fun, I tend to fall asleep when I hear a boring voice ㅠㅠ so Kyeong-eun really saves me there :D


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