Revise! Best way to learn

I’ve had a lot of time yesterday and today too …still on a holiday :)

So I thought of all those TTMIK lessons I have heard but to be honest forgot them and that actually made me a little sad to me honest ㅠㅠ thinking I had forgotten Korean that I had learnt so I decided to just go over it all and revise

Best way I found was to just go over it all even though it takes time its a known fact that revision is the key to learning anything new…keep going at it and sooner or later its going to click in your head :D

Which is awesome because I went over everything practiced with some Korean friends ♥

Now I have to revise more with the help of all the tools at my disposal :

FLTR  (I found this one randomly yesterday then I looked up how to use it and what do you know its Korean Vitamin that helped me :D)

and obviously Anki and every single thing :D


7 thoughts on “Revise! Best way to learn

  1. Hi, Kay! Everybody else keeps telling me FLTR is too complicated. I’m glad you manage to use it. I use FLTR to read texts that I can copy and paste, including TTMIK Iyagi. I’ve forgotten a lot of my first Korean words, too. I see you’ve got some new books. Yay…^^ Maybe Integrated Korean will help you memorize words more effectively. Maybe? Tell me how it’s working out for you.

    1. Hey! Its not complicated at all I prefer using it its better than Anki for me :D and I’m actually doing that with an Iyagi right now ^^ yeah those books finally got to me :D i think it will but its also taught me a lot of facts on Korean and yes I will tell you how its going :D

  2. Thanks for bringing up FLTR!!! I often read articles (mostly about Kim Sun Ah) and I always end up looking words after words in a dictionary. I’ll be amazed with the new words I learned but after a few days of not using it, zoom! I’ll forget them! I sometimes try writing them down or compiling them in a doc/txt file but I never get back on it. I never knew FLTR exist! I think it’s an awesome program! I’ll definitely try this one! Thanks again! :)

    1. No problem ^^ I too read as much as I can on anyone I am a fan of and most of it is in Korean so instead of just looking them up and forgetting them as soon as I’ve used them FLTR is really a huge help :) Glad you like it! Its really awesome :)

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