Learning Hanja for Korean

I think I said this some time ago – that I wanted to learn some Hanja so that it would be easier to learn new Korean vocabulary, I mainly said this because I noticed that people with a prior knowledge of Mandarin Chinese learned Korean vocabulary faster – simply because there is a connection between the two languages.

:\ I only know one language – English, so there is no connection with a language I know so Korean vocabulary is that much harder for me to learn.

Talk To Me In Korean has the Word Builder series that teaches Hanja characters to help with forming Korean words which is AWESOME :D

But since I have school again now ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ I don’t have that much time …maybe when its closer to the Christmas holiday’s I will be able to fully learn Hanja to Level 6-5 but right now I got a reasonable Level 8 understanding of it ^^

Only  thing is honestly its so damn difficult….I feel so stupid when I don’t get it ㅋㅋ

And ofcause my Chinese handwriting is so UGLY ….OMG I’M SERIOUS ITS REALLY REALLY UGLY!!!

My sister study’s Chinese maybe I will ask her to teach me how to write neatly because right now its just very very UGLY lines in my notebook  that I don’t think are readable! Must be the only person who can decipher that mess ha-ha!



4 thoughts on “Learning Hanja for Korean

  1. Hahaha note to self: focus when reading! I thought you had already asked your sister to write some things for you, but you wanted to ask her to write more neatly because she turned your notebook into a mess! :-D that seemed a bit harsh
    I have great hopes for the holidays as well :-)

    1. Hahaha! I’m serious its really UGLY and messy ….not neat and tidy :D not really she can write neatly so I need her to teach me to write neat and small not like a 2yr old keke! Yeah the holidays are the only time when you can have time to do with what you want :) fingers crossed!

  2. Hey :) I am in the process of using hanja to pick up more Korean vocabulary as well. If you have a smart phone (which I am guessing you do because you have Kakao) there are some amazing hanja apps. I have memorized level 8 and level 7 in the past week with them, and although I sort of have the same writing problem, one of the apps has writing practice with stroke order. The app I highly recommend is 하루한자 for definitions, reading, writing, listening, etc. Then I test my memory with the app 한자공부. Still in the process of testing out more apps, but it makes the learning quicker ^^. Good luck!

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