Anki Hanja Cards

I’ve been learning attempting to learn Hanja (한자, 漢字) for about 2-3 weeks :)

But it’s really hard! So I decided to use some Anki flashcards to help me :D lazy way out! But no everyone uses flashcards don’t they?

So here is how I lay out my 한자 cards in Anki ^_^

Front Card:


I put out the character and the radical on the front card : since it’s the radicals I am trying to learn :) makes sense to put them as the first and so far out of the Level 8 한자 I know 37 the rest…..confuse me! HAHA :)

Back Card :


For the back card what I did was take the most common words that the radical is used in ( I chose one at random) and then I put it in there using both 한글 and Hanzi characters ^_^ with the English translation!

And if I review them every single day i should learn those extra few that I can’t seem to remember :) and maybe even get to level 5 Hanja :)

But I remember either hearing or reading that most Koreans don’t get a Level 1 understanding of Hanja! So I’m not going to aim for that just yet maybe in a year or two :)




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