To-Do List

I should have a short to-do list haha ~

So my Korean textbook Integrated Korean : I completed it all :) *happy*

Which is awesome isn’t it! But I do think that when I chose the level for the textbook I underestimated my ability, because as it turns out it was EASY but I did learn words that I would never have gotten round to learning so there is a plus side to it :)

So now on the hunt for new textbooks, I don’t think I am going to get the next level in the Integrated Series opting for maybe Ewha or Yonsei :)

To-Do List

1. Read my webtoon religiously like I have been doing religiously for the past two weeks :D and its so much fun! I LOVE WEBTOON

2. Take more notes and practice xD I have been taking notes like my life depends on it these day…but I have seen an improvement in my Korean ability so it’s all work it :)

3. Shopping….shopping :) its almost Christmas :D

4. Study some lessons (I now no longer follow lessons in order I just learn what I feel like and tick it off in a book)

5. Organize my new vocabulary notebook :) its looking like a hot mess now haha ~

6. And try and record a Korean tongue twister…I’ve never been able to do that but I’m going to try today – or tomorrow!


I am counting the days till holidays (1.2.3) O.0 its three days now! Awesome :p

-Bye :)



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