Vocabulary lists are useless

Okay I know it seems like a stupid realization but I didn’t know all this vocabulary lists are DUMB and they don’t work at all!

I say all this even though I knew it from way back (I study Spanish as a compulsory language in school) that vocabulary lists don’t work because for the past year in school I have been using lists issued by the school to learn Spanish and its the usual drills and stuff! and no progress ):

And guess what?

None of this stuff actually works it’s a waste of time and only sets you up for failure and disappointment as you go along the line (:

Rather when you see a word look it up and jot it down in your notebook with – an example sentence ; several different contexts the word is used in ; and the word itself.

Study that and understand it and learning gets easier (:

For me it did I can list a tonne of words I learned today using this method although since memorization is not the point I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you all of them (: but having a greater understanding of the context of the words and how they are used in sentences would be simple (:


One thought on “Vocabulary lists are useless

  1. I agree completely! Not only does an example sentence help you with the usage of a word and give context, but it also provides many other benefits. For instance: words that are commonly used together, which particles are used with which verbs, and of course more exposure to grammar. Example sentences are great!

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