Japanese Drama

I’ve been trying my hardest to learn Japanese (well not the whole thing but some basics) and I realised that I have only watched one Japanese drama in my life 1 Litre of Tears which was a very very inspirational story (:


Honestly! My Japanese drama knowledge is pretty much non-existent so I really don’t know what to even begin to watch : I know “my style” when it comes to picked a drama, but knowing the names of drama’s and actors and picking accordingly I sadly have no clue on the ):

So I am hoping that anyone of you can help me out by telling me a few drama’s that fit the drama’s I have watched and enjoyed (:

Personal Taste ; City Hunter ; Miss Ripley ; Scent of a Woman ; and my lovely drama that started my K-Drama craze Sad Sonata (:

Right now I am trying a Japanese drama called :

Rich Man, Poor Woman  – リッチマン、プアウーマン


Which to me, after reading the synopsis sounds like a pretty interesting drama! I just saw the first five minutes and it looks really good and will dedicate some drama time for it later on tomorrow (:

It seems like its “my style” of a drama so #fingerscrossed I will enjoy it (:


4 thoughts on “Japanese Drama

      1. Yes, it’s a Korean drama starring Cha Tae Hyun. Just like SOAW, it tackles about life and death.
        Inspirational? I always find Kim Sun Ah’s dramas inspirational (or it’s just me since I’m a fan?) “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon” is about living each day without fear and worries about the future. “City Hall” is about ‘not giving up till the end’ (though it’s more of a romance than inspirational I think). SOAW, as you know is about living life to the fullest. “I Do I Do” is about not being too caught up in planning your future and making sure you make the best choices (Inspired by a quote from Anne of Green Gables, that coincidentally was also read by Yeon Jae in SOAW, that says something about the unexpected things are really cool because what you didn’t expect to happen, happened).
        “I’m your housekeeper, Mita” (Japanese) is a good inspirational family drama I think.

        1. Yes I found that out I watched the first episode about 1 hour ago :) it seems like I will enjoy it a lot (: thanks for recommending it to me (:

          No I think regardless of you being a fan Kim Sun Ah has a way of acting in drama’s that inspire you (: even when I watched My Name is Kim Sam Soon (my second Korean drama) I kinda liked her then ….but when I watched Scent of a Woman I knew she was a brilliant actress :) she pulls off the inspirational and emotional stories well~!!

          And the Japanese drama I will try it :)

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