[study method] Premium Lesson Checklist

Today I had the whole day in my home ground (a.k.a my couch) to look at new ways to better learn Korean and try out new sites and features, and just generally look around and see what makes me comfortable in learning and use it (:

And I found two sites that I knew of but never really had the chance to try out! These two sites Koreanclass101 and LingQ are very very helpful in learning so I used them a lot today and of cause I used (: as always! For their explanations!

How I found these sites useful :

Korean Class 101

I used this way back when I first started…..then I stopped for so long my mind went BLANK then when I started up Korean learning again I forgot about KClass101 and just started using Talk To Me In Korean! because it was by the same guy that used to be and KClass101 and its FREE (: and I quote what I used to call Hyunwoo Sun when he was at KoreanClass101 “that guy standing on his hands” #sorry I was bad at names (:

But today I dug up my old account paid for a month subscription and started using it right away and (Aww) missed it! Its still very very good to me (: and I found the “Premium Lesson Checklist”  which I had no clue of ㅠㅠ

And its really useful to be honest and not just with Koreanclass101 lessons but all lessons even if all your doing is reading a Korean tweet to test yourself writing it all down on the checklist (minus the comment …unless you want to reply) is very useful and it helps with your confidence :)

Next site I used (together with the checklist) was LingQ which I had known of but honestly! Never known how to use it :p

Time and patience proved to be worth it on this one because I soon figured it all out haha! And its a lovely little system I went through about 20 lessons today and created a whole load of LingQ’s and for each lesson put it in with the checklist!

Talk To Me In Korean – this site is part of my daily life xD I live on it! Its my browsers homepage haha!!! So I never miss an update :)

But I used the checklist too with the TTMIK lessons it very productive! I will use these checklists for every lesson I do :)

ps: I’m an environmental nut so I don’t agree with printing all the checklist papers for all the lessons I do! That would amount to too much paper and too many trees dying so I fill them out within Adobe :p


2 thoughts on “[study method] Premium Lesson Checklist

  1. Wow… I think subscribing to many online Korean courses like that takes a lot of commitment and enormous will power, which I don’t have. I admire that of you. I’ve been curious about LingQ. How’s that working out for you?
    I want to be environmentally friendly but I really like having real books in my hands. Not a fan of digital products. Sorry, trees, and thank you for giving me your life so I can learn Korean and be happy *sob sob

    1. Haha! I just really really wanna learn Korean ㅋㅋㅋ so I’ll do anything to make it better :) and LingQ is actually a lot of fun and really helpful the constant going over words (LingQ’s) is like flashcards (Anki system) only with sentences and audio :) I think if used constantly it can really improve listening and reading Korean pretty freakin fast xD : and haha I buy books just using so much paper when there is an alternative like digital makes me wanna cry *sobs*

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