[study day] It was Saturday–what did I study?

Saturday! I love the weekends (: although this week it made no difference if it was the weekend or not ^_^ but anyway you can say that LingQ could ban me from using they site because I never closed it the whole day haha!

I knew some words but to be safe and not over stretch what I knew I decided to put all of them as unknown words it’s a lot safer than to remember a word at that moment only to forget it later ~ if you quiz yourself!

Sogang Korean – today I used this site a lot for learning about Korean history, I have been saying I would read further on Korean history and the different dynasties/kingdoms during that early period of Korea (: its Awesome xD

Korean Class 101 – I love that they have this Culture class thing ^_^ so cool! I listened to a few not in order but it was about 7 of the culture class lessons – you really learn a lot from them even though your laughing when you hear something funny ^_^

– Okay! I didn’t study anything from TTMIK I was watching that Interview with INFINITE’s 엘 for about an hour (yes! I am an Infinite fangirl and yes I am obsessed with 엘) watched a 5:17 second video for an hour haha! Okay though in my defence it was for Korean study I was trying to write down what they were saying and understand it ^_^ I’m lying serious!

And I feel a bit more confident with my Korean ^_^ I want to continue to improve at this pace! That would make me so happy ^_^

Okay its like 2 a.m right now haha! I need to sleep or study more Korean ㅋㅋㅋ

Oh and I think I murdered some tree’s today – I bought 5 new notebook for all my notes I ran out of notebook space *sobs* tree’s forgive me please ^_^

#haveagoodweekend ^_^


4 thoughts on “[study day] It was Saturday–what did I study?

    1. Me too ^_^ it always feel extra good ^_^

      Yep! I murdered some tree’s ㅠㅠ I’m sad but hey! my notes are really neat and organized thanks to those tree’s :)

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