[study tool] Using LingQ

I always stumble onto things that I later find useful with my study’s :) odd!

So, using LingQ :) lovely little site that I have been using for all of 36hrs ㅋㅋㅋ

Using one resource to study does not work well with me so I am using LingQ but its alongside a whole load of other sites :)

So LingQ works on a system similar to Anki, it has a Korean script on the side and then it has the Audio file (you can download audio) and print the lesson script and listen to it for a while (5 times did it for me!) then you have the lesson script, right? So you can highlight the words you know and don’t know, it’s sort of like FLTR and Anki mixed up together to create an all in one for you ^_^ all the words and everything to study you just got to click it no need to search on Naver or Daum for it ^^

Alright! Then you can give yourself a quiz and go over your words and memorize and study them, personally I think that instead of printing the lesson transcript you should write it down, for me writing helps me remember better than a printed document ^_^

I think that LingQ is a lot of fun to use ^_^

Oh ~ and look at the bottom of my blog ^_^ you see that weird picture there the PINK thing? That’s my growing LingQ Avatar ^_^ haha! The more words I learn the more my Avatar grows!!!! How awesome is that?

I’m sorry I find that just so cute and funny ^_^ fun way to watch progress! And yes he hasn’t grown yet ㅠㅠ he will grow in a few minutes when I quiz myself xD


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