[pronunciation] Learning how to pronounce Hangeul!

Eww! I decided to read in Korean and record it and I got the shock of my life when it sounded AWFUL to the ear!

Like a dying dog :( haha! I’m kidding! It was alright.

So now I’m learning how to read Hangeul with the correct pronunciation it seems simple enough reading everything in my head…out loud is a whole other story!

So I listened to my reading over and over and tried to find my “weak spots” and I found them they are those pesky consonants particularly ㅉ,ㄲand ㅃ! I suck without a doubt ㅠㅠ

When I say those letters I never actually get the “aspirated” sound – like I loose it on the way haha! They always sound like the normal ㅈ,ㄱ,ㅂ and the with – ㅊ I can’t say it right!

Finding my weak spots is fun :) means that I know enough to start seeing my problems ^_^


I also want to start reading more ^_^ it’s a lot of fun reading actually, exciting too xD

So right now Korean Wiki Project is my top site to practice pronunciation because of the audio ^^ and also just listening to anything Korean that is spoken slow enough helps me really hear the accent ^^

Okay, that’s it ^^



3 thoughts on “[pronunciation] Learning how to pronounce Hangeul!

  1. My pronunciation sucks! I can hear the sounds correctly in my mind but when they come out of my mouth it’s horrible. I can hear they are wrong, but don’t know what to do to make them right. :)

    1. Haha :) i think it’s because of where we are from …we’re just not Korean xD and actually weird for me I sound fine when I talk ^_^ like I think it sounds normal and all just I can’t speed my speech up like ….I draaaag it out have to speak in slow-motion xD For me right now listening to myself seems to be helping a lot …in just a few days I can hear it’s getting better :)

      1. It’s the same for me. I know how it’s supposed to sound, but the actual result is not necessarily what I was aiming for… A few weeks ago I downloaded a dictation app to try to record myself for fun. I pretty quickly gave up on that, listening to it was absolute agony; hesitant pronunciation, too slow (I definitely don’t normally read that slowly in my head), the fact that your voice sounds “off” because it sounds different in your own head than it does when you hear it from a recorder. Perhaps I should try to read more aloud to get more practice, and then try recording again at some point. It’s a good way to get some reference points for your progress!

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