LIGHTLY studying Korean

That would be today because I was actually sick ^^

So when I am lightly studying Korean by writing in my notebooks and reading I still actually try and have some Korean exposure (besides K-Pop) but in the K-Pop area it would be some G-Dragon/BIG BANG/B.A.P and INFINITE that you will hear continually on repeat XD

LIGHT study routine ^^

Watched “A Gentleman’s Dignity” going to tell more on that in my next post and still I had time to work on my pronunciation ^^ trying to be a perfectionist I think haha! It’s sort of working :)

I used the Anki flashcards with audio from Korean Wiki Project so that was cool!

And then another idea to use Korean Class 101 desktop program version of they lessons, I’ve had these a while but I never really open them that much …so today I did ^^


Which was fun I went through about 2 lessons XD it was fun learnt about a few new grammar patterns ~려고 하다 and ~ㄴ/은/는 대신에  which I am going to look at later and a whole load of new expressions that I came across from different thing I read (e.g.. Korean tweets ; Naver and Advanced Korean)

Using the video recorder with the line-by-line transcript is really useful plus I remember a heck of a lot better XD and kicks in my obsession of getting my accent right hahaha ^^

And today I tried to create a Naver account so I could have a Naver blog but ㅠㅠ I didn’t manage that it was too hard so I went for a Daum blog which is really easy to create XD I was shocked and the purpose of that was because I want to start writing short diary entries in Korean ^_^ I feel maybe it’s time to up the game for myself!

The address for my currently empty soon-to-be Korean blog is so maybe in the coming days or weeks I can start putting up short little writings in Korean *excited* :p

That’s all ^^

안녕 ~


6 thoughts on “LIGHTLY studying Korean

  1. I created a naver account by using a tutorial I found randomly online. Can’t wait to attempt to read your Korean entries lol

    1. Hahaha so did I but when I wanted to create a second one with my Mum’s phone number it didn’t work and don’t think too much of them hahaha they might be total nothings XD

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