I hit a slump in learning Korean today!

Wow! This is getting bad now my drama craziness! It’s borderline INSANITY now ^^

I was doing so well with waking up early at 4 A.M to study and read and look up words to write passages in Korean and make sense of them then I stupidly decided to watch a drama and now I wake up at 4 A.M only now its to watch a drama (which is getting very very interesting xD)

I’ve watched that drama so much that I think that I now have a 짝사랑 I’m not kidding I think I have a 짝사랑 now ^^

But I have just a few episodes of 신품 (yes! I now say that plus its easier to type it ^^)

And I tried so hard today after watching episode 10 of 신품 and while I was waiting for my download to finish I started watching 각시탈 which I am now regretting because I watched episode 1-7 today ^^ too many drama’s I watched today HAHA!

And I think I might just be a huge Kim Sun Ah fan now ^^ it’s getting to me now that I have actually watched all her drama’s and find them all so interesting but thing is its only Sun Ah parts I enjoy (Scent of a Woman and City Hall are perfect examples) she is awesome I see her acting ability :) next Sun Ah drama is on my list, at the moment I’m on episode 2 of I Do, I Do and its good funny too, in a way HAHA! I just hope I don’t get hooked like I am now, but hey I am taking advantage of my time before 2013 stress ㅋㅋㅋ

And I want book forms of these drama’s (well! the ones that are available in book form ^_^)

And also I am a massive 윤은혜 fan I mean I love her (: watched Goong, Lie To Me, Coffee Prince and now I want to watch I Miss You seems interesting so that will be my next drama on the list after all these are done (: I guarantee that because even though a lot of people didn’t enjoy Lie To Me I loved it and still do it’s really funny (:

Also I’m going to check if there is a transcript for 신품 that would be awesome so going to check for those (:

Okay! So I’m going to watch my drama’s again (: well maybe just try to read some Korean tweets for an 1 or so then go back to watching my drama :)

#haveagoodday ^^




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