Back now!

I’m back xD and when i say that I mean i think I am over my drama craze :)

I’ve watched A Gentleman’s Dignity (awesome! perfect! loved it!) and I am half way through watching Bridal Mask and on episode 7 of I Do I Do  and I can concentrate on studying and not drama watching ^^


So when I was watching A Gentleman’s Dignity I noticed tonnes of grammar patterns I was not familiar with and so today I’m going to be working on understanding those patterns with the help of transcripts of the drama to understand the context that they were used in!

And Memrise I forgot to use it my seeds must be ready for harvest (omg!) so I will do that later on today watch my score grow with my vocabulary too, and fill my notebook with lots and lots of sample sentences and Hanja (if I can!) I think I need to buy a super thick notebook, maybe a 320 page one so I can have a notebook longer because its thicker right now I only have the 180 page notebooks :( problem is I don’t even know if notebooks that thick are available here I have never seen them, well I will just check and try to get some ~

And I think that my subscription for Korean Class 101 expires on the 4th of January so I think I might have to re-new that one since I wasted about a week on my drama watching craziness :) well I enjoyed myself so its alright ^^

I want to a video with my face :) but I am a little shy xD maybe I can get the courage in a few days, I just really want to try maybe if I write an introduction of myself in 100% Korean and say that in the video (brainstorming xD!)

And wow I found out at the bank the other day on how I can transfer money for TTMIK stuff …so stressful xD I think I’ll do it next year when its a new year and not to stressful :)

Books! Books! Books!

I’m waiting till my Mum and Dad pay me my allowance then i think I have a few Korean books that I would like in mind (Ewha series and Yonsei Reading) just not so sure and I definitely want to buy some drama 만화 books, that will be fun :) and my current book that I have 세상에-너를-소리쳐 I have been reading it since yesterday (reading  or looking 99.9% of words and grammar points but hey I think I’m getting there…slowly :)

And those drama’s I’m going to try and stay away from them HAHA! they make me lazy – its insane :)

Also I want to write an About Me that’s a bit more informative and fun :) rewriting it so its not boring

Roughly thinking I’m saying maybe in 1 year I will be able to write long passages in Korean ~ that will be the day I smile all day xD

So there I have a lot to do and then catch up and happy holidays everyone :)


2 thoughts on “Back now!

  1. Dramas… I’m still behind in a bunch. I hope I can catch up somewhat this vacation before Spring semester but yeah… >.>

    And yay for language books! :D I’m waiting for left-over financial aid money to hit late January so then I can stock up on some notebooks (Campus A4 size) and FINALLY get the Ewha and Yonsei books. I’m really interested in getting the reader from Yonsei since I hesitate a lot with reading Korean. I can read Japanese fine kanji and all. Korean throws me into a pit. XD

    This reminds me. I should practice writing passages on my blog and this other website. I forgot the name, but natives correct your blog entries for you by sentence. LANG-8! There we go! :D

    1. I’m all caught up finally I think xD

      So do I …reading is my weakest point I stop and stutter like there is something wrong with me ㅠㅠ WOW! Japanese that’s hard isn’t it??

      Yeah use Lang-8 its a great resource ^_^ use almost very single day write have it corrected ^_^

      Perfect! And these notebooks like how many pages are they?? I need some thick notebooks XD

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