New year’s resolutions

Okay I have a few new years resolutions to make ^^ especially when it comes to my Korean learning and this blog …!!

First off I have a bad habit of breaking the cycle of study ; one week here and then after a month do another one week of study some of these habits I can relay to lack of time and exams and so many other things and some of them are just plain laziness sad to say that but I’m lazy so these habits I will try and change :)

And I will make a promise to myself now to blog every single day – which means I have to study every single day :) but I have a feeling that I can keep my promises to myself this year ~ I won’t let myself down. I will do better next year than I did this year ^^

Anyway ~!!

새해 복 많이 바드세요 ♥



6 thoughts on “New year’s resolutions

  1. I do this same thing! D: If I remember to study for a week, the next week just gets all eqoriucxvmairjakjitrkaj and yeah. >.> I should fix this in my new year’s resolution. (I almost wrote revolution and then thought revelation… I blame Assassin’s Creed. XD) The good thing is, I’m pretty good at keeping resolutions. 2012’s was to get back into writing and I kinda did. I got about 11 different story ideas. None are posted yet though. I tend to be a perfectionist with that. I won’t put it up until I feel it’s at least 90+% the way it should be. >.> XD

    1. it’s a bad habit ㅋㅋㅋ but lets break it ^^ its bad for our study progress and uhuhu!!! Too much of it then if your thinking the wrong words xDD

      Yeah your lucky I pretty much forget about them after 2-4 months but this time I have made myself a promise and I will keep them! I hope OTL

      When they are posted I would love to read them ^^ and ahaha! perfectionist ~ I’m trying ti perfect my Korean accent like that …it has to be perfect xDD

      Happy New Year :)

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