Naver Toolbar – crafty toolbar

Yesterday I installed the Naver toolbar out of pure curiosity and now its staying with me ^^

Let me tell you why ~

First off it is actually really pretty to look at not an eye-sore at all so there is a bonus ^^ no strange colours at all it blends well with my browser!

But its the little added things that me as a Korean learner find useful to have on hand and my favourite being the “hover” feature you get when you install it like below when you hover over a work in English it pop’s up with the Korean words

Screenshot_13See! I hovered over the word “answer” and then the pop up showed this Korean words “대답 , 회답 , 해답 , 응답” and so on..

And I know that most times you can’t get the exact word but the at the very least it helps with when you see a word and want to know the Korean words just simply hover over it and then voila! you got your Korean word in an instant :) then you can click on the BOLD English word and then get all the examples same as if your Dictionary window was open only it never has to open because personally having to keep a tab open for my Naver dictionary can get irritating but now I don’t have to !!


To be it’s very convenient ~ but there is one downfall that I am not a fan off it compatibility with different browsers, I had Firefox 17 installed on my laptop but when I tried to install the Toolbar on Firefox 17 it told me that they it not compatible with anything above Firefox 11, which is not good but I simply went back to Firefox 11 to check if it was worth the downgrade in browser and my honest opinion is that it is …I won’t uninstall it to go back to Firefox 17 ^^

Then there is an option to translate all your pages to Japanese at the click of a button, whether its right or not I don’t know because my Japanese level is at 5 words ㅋㅋㅋ


You get those too ^^ I take screenshots more often than I use a camera ^^ so you can take a snapshot and upload it to N-Drive or just save it to your computer disk and do with what you want to :)

I like this toolbar so much :) very useful!

Happy Holiday’s again :)

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