I like it when it rains

Yeah! I like it when it rains because I know that I can’t go out ^^

only one things I can do that I find enjoyable ~ #study Korean which makes today perfect!

Because it’s raining a lot here :)

Studying with Talk To Me In Korean Iyagi :)

Have a good day!


2 thoughts on “I like it when it rains

  1. I only enjoy rainy days when there’s thunderstorm because the thunder sounds calming to me. I used to be scared of it as a child, but when I hid under the blanket, my uncle would force me to come out and listen to it. So somehow that turned into me enjoying the sound. XDDD

    Regular rainy days make me wanna play 비가 오는 날엔 on piano. XD

    I love the Iyagi series even though I can’t understand 95% on the first try. XD It’s great listening practice and I learn words faster and better when they’re in a convo or sentence.

    1. NOOO to me it sounds scary I hate it so much ㅠㅠ but I’m more scared of lightening ^_^ and you can play piano ~lucky I suck it I dunno how but I do :)

      Yeah I do love the Iyagi series I use it to build my vocabulary and same when its the first time I don’t understand much but when I keep going when I have listening to it a while I can understand about 80% of the whole thing <3 awesome I like that feeling :)

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