[korean slangs] 행쇼

Okay so yesterday I spent my day asking about slang’s from my Korean friend and she was really happy to help me so I learned about 행쇼 which is an abbreviation of 행복하십죠!

When using 행쇼 it has the meaning of “Good luck” in the same sense that the word 화이팅 is used! Totally alone :)

So everybody  행쇼 with your Korean studies today ^^

I’m really enjoying learning new slang’s its soo much fun :)

Have a good day!

6 thoughts on “[korean slangs] 행쇼

  1. I think that 행복하십죠! is actually suppose to be 행복하십시요.(honorific form) (Be happy!) or 행복하세요.(Formal but a step down from honorific)
    Its common to say this type of sentence for example if you get married- have happy live~ I think I even remember seeing the short form on a card to my wife when we got married also with ‘축하축하’

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