Making use of today :D

Bunked school :D no! I lie I never just feel like I have a cold so I decided to stay home ^^

And today I have a few missions I must get done …while having as much fun as I can have :D but then when I learn Korean I am having fun all the time so that’s not a hard thing to do ^^

I mean it is an unexpected day off for me and I am hyper excited about it so then on with it :D

Today I want to fix this weird thing that’s happening on my blog it shows my Twitter feed Korean as plain “????” question marks and that is working on my nerves ㅠㅠ so it has to be fixed ASAP!

Then I have time so I have read the first 78 pages of the Big Bang book and today I hope I can get to 100 pages of the book I mean Taeyang’s parts are very very interesting so I must read them hehe!

Stop fangirling NOW! :D

my mission on my sick day :D
my mission on my sick day :D

I used a pink filter when I took that picture it looks weird but it’s still #AWESOME!

And I ordered a new Korean textbook so while I wait for it (it takes about 2 weeks) to get to me I will review a million and one other things I have learnt in the last few months – but! most important is today I have an idea of testing myself using the TOPIK practice papers :D

I printed them out already and I looked them over and honestly I think it looks simple …but this is the 초급 that I tried first and that was simple enough for me so I want to try the 중급 today because that should be way harder than the other one :)


Time myself when I test myself then see how well I do ^^

And my motto lives ~

꿈이 있다면 절대 포기하지마라

Off to my study world now :D lots to read and lots to learn ^^


2 thoughts on “Making use of today :D

  1. I’m hearing so much about this book that now I want to buy it. XD I won’t understand much, but that’ll change if I get my hands on it and finish it. :D Extra reading material never hurts… anyone but your wallet. >.> Then again, it’s money well spent. I get all :DDD when buying books for my language study. My friends will be in the store with me like, “It’s a book,” and I’m all, “Exactly! X3” Regret nothing! >:D

    1. Yeah go go go >>>> get it :D but it helps if you are a fangirl though XD and don’t worry about the understanding it fully I don’t actually understand it to be honest (I can read up to page 103 with a medium understanding) but this is after looking up all words in the dictionary!

      Totally I can spend up to 100$US for a single book :) and my friends reaction to my Korean books is (WHY the hell did you spend that much???) but I don’t care :D

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