Korean numbers D:

YIIIIKESSS!!! Sudden Realization ^^

I hate Korean numbers both Sino and Native and this is something I just realized …well I knew that I had difficulty with hearing Korean numbers (in long form ; like phone numbers) because they are just so long ㅠㅠ

I mean I know how to count in both Sino and Native Korean numbers but when I hear something long I get tongue tied and feel like SCREAMING because I’m just like “omg what the hell is that????” but its a good challenge I think ^^

So I have a solution to try and memorize bigger Korean numbers :) and not feel like I’m going crazy or something because I get totally stumped with HUGE Korean numbers ^^

Although I do have my difficulties in Korean numbers I so love the fact that Korean has these place counters in their numbers : 십 (10) ; 백 (100) ; 천 (1000) ; 만 (10,000) which is awesome it helps me at least recognize the numbers when I am hearing spoken speech ^^ it is less confusing and more bearable if you know what I mean!?

But I think I will start practicing saying Korean numbers really really fast like a tongue twister so I can better my familiarization of them ^^

Anyway back to my study :D

It’s all I have done today ^^ have a good weekend everyone <3 <3

주말 잘 보내세요 <3 <3


6 thoughts on “Korean numbers D:

  1. This is my weakness up to know! Numbers!!! Unlike you, I find the 3 place counters confusing because it’s not similar to English (Roman?). I still have to pause and think before I can associate 30만원 to the figure 300,000원 and not just 30,000원.

    1. Same! It’s just so different and difficult and I agree that they are confusing because of the differences in Roman numerals (uh! i think that would be correct :D) but still they are at least some help even if you have to think for a few seconds to put it all together :D well i know I feel less dumb knowing I can make it out in a few seconds after going (1.2.3…oh that’s it) in my head haha ^_^

      1. My other problem with numbers is saying them out loud. It takes me forever to say them, sometimes I even have to start counting from one. I was (and still am) really stubborn. XD Since they are written as numerals more often than in words, when reading or writing I don’t read (mind read?) them the way they are supposed to be spoken. I read them in English. So 12일 to me is not 십이일 but twelve일 and 30,000원 to me is not 삼만원 but thirty-thousand원. And it became a habit (and still guilty of doing it) that is difficult to shake off now. ㅠㅠ It doesn’t matter while writing or reading. Problem starts when I need to listen and speak.

  2. When I started studying Korean, I super duper hate dealing with numbers. I am not really good with anything related with numbers so I hated that part of studying Korean. I really can’t figure out what is 10만원, 100만원 etc. But after experiencing how to deal with Korean won in Korea, I think I improved a lot haha!

    Try to check out online shopping stores in Korean, there are indicated prices for each item right? Then try to practice reciting them, I think it helps because that’s also how I practiced Korean numbers. And there are online math-related activities in daum kids, so I think you can practice with it :D

    1. Yup yup! I agree! I only improved a bit with the 만, 천 and 백 when I was in Korea. But my stay was really short ㅠㅠ so just when I was starting to get used to it, I had to go back home. Viola! I forgot them once again.

    2. That’s awesome :D the both of you have been to Korea :) ans weirdly actually playing games seems to work well :D I found an android app that helps with Korean number learning ^_^ its a lot of fun and when my internet connection is back up i will use daum XD

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