Wi-Fi Back!

Wi-Fi back :D

Now I’m not gonna lie having no Wi-Fi is pure TORTURE!!!!!!! I’m not kidding, its insanity ^^

And not in a good way :D but now its back ^^

But even though it was pure torture for a few days it was also very productive because most of my online hangouts where OFFLINE  to me without my Wi-Fi and those stupid modem dongles are a waste of time ~ they are just too dirt slow for me ^^

So I knocked of Twitter ; Facebook ; and me2day :D most of that is actually stalking my favourite K-Pop idols ^^ and just decided to read my Korean notes and learn grammar more than I think I have learned or read in the last year :)

And my book will be here in just a few days (I hope!) so that should help with more of mt grammar needs and I also had a good look over some Anki decks that I have had for a couple of months ~

I actually reviewed over 900 Anki cards and I was shocked that I even had so many I was like “omg! how the hell did I get it this high? This is insane!” because having 900 cards to review is nothing but ridiculous but I got through it in the last few days ^^


I tell you what actually turned out to be useful to me ~ my habit of downloading all Talk To Me In Korean lessons and Korean Class 101 lessons! So now I had a million and one lessons on my laptop and I was like “Yay” I have something to study ^^ awesooooooooooome :D

So many things I studied during these last 6 days without internet ~ it really is a distraction LOL ^^

Have a good day ^^

좋은 하루 보내세요 ♥





2 thoughts on “Wi-Fi Back!

    1. We would all be very very productive :D if all social network sites where cut off it would probably seem like there are an extra two-three hours in a day to get what we always complain we never have time for done ^_^ and in terms of a GDP spike it would soar so high ^_^

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